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My first machine that actually worked well was the Mean Green Machine.  I designed it to throw baseballs and throw them it did.  It was originally built as a Hanging Counterweight trebuchet.  With 90 lbs of counterweight we were getting around 270' in distance.  Not too bad.  Now, I have converted it to a whipper style machine and the results have been great.  We've thrown over 300' several times with only 60 lbs of CW.  We've still got some kinks to work out, but we should be able to get 400' by the time we're through.  You can download a short video of the whipper in action by clicking here.

Here's a few pictures of the MGM pre-whipper.


More action shots of the HCW version of the MGM.  You can see there are all sorts of problems with this shot (short sling, extremely late sling release, etc).


Here I am loading the new whipper version of the MGM.  This is 40 lbs of CW and we were throwing further than the old style with 90 lbs of CW.  Nice!
Here's Micah getting ready to launch the whipper.
Here's Bubba with a shot in mid-swing.   The timing is obviously a little off on this shot, but it was still a great one.