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Team U.F.O. has set up a practice site near Stanwood, WA at Steve's dad's house.  He has a small farm which is ideal for launching pumpkins.  Here's a few shots from our practice rounds.
Here's a look downfield from behind the treb.  It is a little over 400 feet to the woods, and we haven't quite reached that . . . yet.
U.F.O. is loaded and ready to launch.  My brother-in-law Hippo and my nephew Bubba are getting ready to fire.
Our first shot of the day was a pop-up that went around 240 feet, but we soon had the U.F.O. dialed in for distances well over 300'.
Steve sits aboard his dad's tractor and we use it to pull down the arm until we can afford to buy a winch (could be a while before that happens).
A little later we launched this big boy.  It was probably around a 15 lb pumpkin and we weren't sure how well it would work.  Thanks to our great new pouch, it worked alright.  It was a nice high shot that went about 125 feet forward and 250 feet up.
Here's the big boy in transit.
Here's a few more pix of various white pumpkins in action.  These pumpkins were a little lighter than normal.   (Regular pitching pumpkins are 8-10 lbs, these were probably 6 or 7 lbs.)  We were still getting some good distances with our longest shot being around 350'.