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The Unidentified Flinging Object made its debut at the 2005 Burlington Pumpkin Pitch on 10/8/2005.  It was quite a hit with the kids, even if we got last place.  Here's a few pix:

Here's U.F.O. loaded up into my dad's truck and ready for the 1/2 mile drive to the site of the Pumpkin Pitch.   My brother Brian (passenger's side) and I are climbing in.
It took about 2 hours to get everything out of the truck and assembled.  Then, with some help from the nice guys of Trebarbaric, we easily got U.F.O. into a standing position.  From there we had to put the arm on and we were ready to test it out.
We had never thrown a pumpkin before, so on the day before the competition we got our first one off.  We loaded 200 lbs on and I pulled the trigger.  I was just hoping nothing would fall apart and it didn't.  The shot went about 40 feet, but it worked.  (The second shot, however, went backwards and landed in the road.  Oops!)
On Saturday, we were ready to hurl.  After donning our alien attire, we handed out alien head stickers to all the kids we could find.  Almost everyone under the age of 12 (and many over 12) were wearing our stickers, so we must have done something right.
During the competition we loaded up 400 lbs for our first 2 shots.  After the first 2 rounds ,we were leading the rec division with a long toss of 284.1'.  Then we decided to add more weight and things went downhill quickly.  Our second shot ended up being our best.
Here I am loading a pumpkin into the sling while my dad looks on.  Overall, we had a great day and we can't wait until next year when we should have great improvement.